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Find out the difference between the Windows and Linux operating systems. Click here.

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Avantex launches its Enterprise Cloud Solutions

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Aug. 14, 2011

Avantex Hosting announced earlier this morning the successful launch of its Enterprise Cloud Solutions, Cloud Computing Apps, Cloud Replication, Cloud DNS, Cloud Load Balancing and Cloud Backup Services to the enterprise segment of the IT industry.

"Avantex has been hard at work over the past year-and-a-half in delivering our Enterprise Cloud Solutions on time," says Jim Taylor, Avantex Hosting's founder and Chief Executive Officer.

"Since December 2009, our Cisco networking engineers, our Linux system admins and Windows support technicians have been busy designing, building, integrating and testing a complex portfolio of enterprise Cloud Services that will ensure 100 percent availability for mission-critical applications that deliver Cloud-based services to Fortune 500 corporations, medium-sized companies, as well as small businesses where downtime isn't an option," said Taylor.

Taylor offered High Tech News Today a detailed analyzis of what Avantex's Enterprise Cloud Solutions consist of:

  • Cloud Computing Apps -- Avantex's Cloud Computing Apps were designed specifically for business people on the go. Consisting of mobile apps running on Apple's iPhone, the iPad and Research In Motion's BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook, these Cloud Computing Apps include secure email service, calendering apps, texting and Instant Messaging services with 100 percent availability, 24/7/365.

  • Cloud Replication -- Avantex's Cloud Replication Services (CRS) ensure enterprises of a full disaster recovery (DR) solution between two data centers separated by 100 miles in between. CRS is totally transparent and makes full use of Avantex automated NOC (network operations center) and DR services.

  • Cloud DNS -- For large and medium-size businesses that require a fail safe and fuly redundant DNS solution, Avantex's Cloud DNS Service will provide full DNS record replication on all email services, site hosting, enterprise application services, first-level name server resolution and host authoritative services at all times, regardless of any incident.

  • Cloud Load Balancing -- As the name implies, Avantex's Cloud Load Balancing Services will ensure full load balancing on any busy corporate website or eCommerce store front. Avantex's Cloud Load Balancing Services are also available for busy mail servers and Microsoft Exchange Servers, utilizing fully redundant email servers that provide security, reliability and high-availability at all times.

  • Cloud Backup Services -- For any size business that cannot afford to lose any data, Avantex's Cloud Backup Services will ensure that all information on servers is kept backed up at all times. Available hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, Avantex's Cloud Backup Services run on complex SAN (storage area networks) that feature Raid 5 and Raid 10 disk arrays on reliable IBM, HP and Dell servers.
  • Avantex successfully participates in World IPv6 Day

    Last week, Avantex Hosting reported that it successfully completed the testing on the IPv6 protocol on World IPv6 day, June 8, 2011. As early as February 2009, Avantex took the lead and started implementing its networking equipment for the new protocol.

    World IPv6 Day was an event sponsored and organized by the Internet Society and several large hosting companies and content providers to test public IPv6 deployment on the Internet. It started at 00:00 UTC on June 8 and ended ar 23:59 the same day.

    Avantex says that the key motivation for the event was to evaluate the real world effects of the IPv6 protocol as seen by various networking equipment and according to the various tests performed. To that end, during World IPv6 Day major Internet companies and other industry players enabled IPv6 on their main websites for 24 hours.

    An additional goal was to motivate organizations across the industry such as Internet service providers, hardware makers, software engineering firms, operating system vendors and web companies to prepare their services for IPv6, in assuring a successful transition from IPv4 as IP address space is rapidly running out.

    About Avantex

    Avantex Hosting Services is a dedicated Web hosting organization, offering companies, small & medium size businesses, private individuals, all levels of government and non-profit organizations, reliable and professional Web hosting services.

    Utilizing one of the best carrier backbone infrastructure and BGP Network in the industry, Avantex is in a unique position to offer the most competitive pricing in the Web hosting industry, since all pricing is offered at the wholesale level.

    Located in ultra-modern and fully air-conditioned data centers, Avantex owns all of its servers and buys large quantities of Internet bandwith, thereby passing along its savings to its end users. Avantex's wholesale pricing model is available to anybody that is interested in dependable and quality Web hosting services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Avantex has a large network of resellers, Web design specialists and Internet integrators, further strenghtening our goal in being a premier hosting organization. Already serving many non-profit organizations, since its foundation in 1994, Avantex has had a constant and growing need for quality and professional Web hosting services.

    Yesterday, High Tech News Today interviewed Jim Taylor, Avantex's founder and CEO. The interview is available here on our site.

    Source: Avantex Hosting.

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    Get a great Ubuntu Linux dedicated server for less than $3 a day!

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